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    ogy▓ pumps new life into rural areasDigital techn▓ology pumps new life into rural areasD

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    igital technology pumps new life into rural ▓areas04-23-2018 09:30 BJTTwo years ago,

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    Liu Jinqing, a farmer in east Ch▓ina's Fujian Province, was shocked that the 350 kilogr

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ams of dried sweet potatoes he h▓ad produced sold out online within a just few days.Liu decided to focus on the potato business. In 2017, he produced 2,400 kilograms of dried sweet potatoes, making nearly 50,000 yuan (about 8,000 U.S. dollars), a handsome income for a farmer living in ▓a remote village in the mountains.E-commerce has h▓elped poor farmers sell rural specia▓lties and improve their

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    livelihoods, as▓ more and more people began to crave green and organic food, which farmers produce in ab

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    undance.Chen Cuihua, head of a produce cooperative in Pucheng County, Fujian, said their annual sales

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    volume climbed from 30 tonnes to over 100 tonnes after they opened an online shop.Online retail volume i

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    n rural areas topped 1.24 trillion yuan in 2017, up 39.1 percent year on year, according to the▓ Ministry

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of Commerce.Over 9.8 million online shops were based in villages by the end of 2017, up 20.7 percent year on year, creating over 28 million jobs.E-commerce is not the only digital technology that has benefited millions of farmers in China. Technology such as e-government,▓ telemedicine, and intelligent monitoring are also transforming traditional lifestyles in rural areas.In Dengguang Village,

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